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Tinker Visiting Professorship

Nominations for academic year 2024-25 are due on January 31, 2024


Under the auspices of a generous endowment from the Edward Larocque Tinker Foundation that was awarded to Stanford and four other universities in 1978, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) has hosted an impressive roster of prominent scholars from Latin America, Iberia, and Canada as Tinker Visiting Professors in Latin American Studies. Each year, these scholars are selected from candidates nominated by faculty in any department or professional school at Stanford. While at CLAS, Tinker Visiting Professors teach classes in their areas of expertise, give lectures to Stanford audiences, and share their knowledge and research on a wide range of topics that are of concern to Latin Americans.

Tinker Visiting Professors receive a competitive  salary, housing allowance,  economy class round-trip airfare,  and an assigned course assistant.  Additionally, Tinker Visiting Professors may request funding to attend a conference in the US and/or to organize a symposium or conference at Stanford.  For more information, please contact clas-visitors [at] (CLAS).

Eligibility: Open to leading scholars or experts in any academic field. Nominees must be a citizen of a Spanish-or Portuguese-speaking Latin American country, Portugal, or Spain. If the nominee is a citizen of Portugal or Spain, she/he must have expertise on Latin America. Individuals residing in the U.S. permanently are not eligible

Former Stanford Tinker Visiting Professors are eligible again after ten years from their previous Tinker professorship appointment at Stanford University.

Selection Criteria: Professorships are granted to candidates who are distinguished in their fields and have the potential to contribute positively to the Stanford academic community.

Duration: Varies. Typically, an appointment lasts one quarter (autumn, winter, or spring) teaching a 4 to 5-unit course. The selection committee may consider longer appointments with additional responsibilities (i.e. teach a second course, offer a student-focused workshop, organize a conference or symposium).  Please consult with Associate Director for further information.

Nominations of female scholars are highly encouraged.

Complete nominations must be submitted by Stanford faculty. CLAS does not accept documents or nominations from nominees.

Nomination Process 

Stanford faculty are invited to nominate their peers from Latin America or Iberia to come to Stanford to teach, research, and advise in their areas of expertise.

Nomination applications should include:

  1. Tinker Nomination Form Strongly recommended to be submitted by January 15, 2024 via email to CLAS at clas-visitors [at] (clas-visitors[at]stanford[dot]edu). Otherwise, it must be submitted as part of the complete nomination packet. 

  2. Evidence of English proficiency
    This requirement is satisfied by one of the following
    a) A recognized English test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS);
    b) A signed document or letter from an academic institution or English school attesting to language proficiency
    c) A documented interview conducted by the nominating faculty, either in person, by videoconferencing or telephone. English Proficiency Form for J Scholars
        Please visit the Stanford Bechtel International Center webpage for details on Exemption from English Proficiency
  3. Candidate's CV
    The CV should include the following information: educational degrees, current position title and employer, mailing address, and email address
  4. Proposed Course
    The proposed title and description of the course the candidate would teach
  5. letter from the Stanford faculty (nominator) sponsoring the candidate
  6. A supporting letter from the chair of the department or center nominating the candidate

Please submit a complete Tinker application (Items #1-6, listed above) here. 

*Please note that if accepted, a letter of leave from the home institution is required to be provided to CLAS. 

Academic Year 2024-25 Due Dates: January 31, 2024

Responsibilities of the Nominating Department or Center

Schedule course(s), including cross-listing, if applicable

Publicize and promote course(s)

Provide assistance in ordering the required course books at the Stanford Bookstore

Include and engage the visiting professor in the academic life of the department or center

Responsibilities of CLAS

Provide visa, travel, and lodging assistance

Appoint and hire visiting professor - including processing a Non-Employee Affiliate number 30 days before visiting professor's arrival

Provide office space

Publicize and promote course(s)

Include and engage visiting professor in the academic life of the center

Appoint and hire visiting professor's course assistant who will:

  1. Provide Canvas and Axess assistance and
  2. Work with the Green Library curator to put books on reserve

For further information, please feel free to contact CLAS at clas-visitors [at] (clas-visitors[at]stanford[dot]edu)