Coterminal Masters

Coterminal Degree for Current Stanford Students

Current Stanford undergraduates may apply for a coterminal M.A. degree in Latin American Studies. Stanford undergraduates interested in applying to the LAS coterm program should use the Co-term On-Line Application to apply. Stanford coterminal applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and meet the language requirement in the menu link. See the How to Apply section on our website for more information. CLAS only accepts applications (coterm or external) in the Autumn Quarter.

Admissions Information for All Applicants


Deadline to Apply: December 1, 2023

Online Application Opens: Early September 2023

Stanford University accepts only online applications to graduate programs. If you are not a current Stanford undergraduate student, please visit the Graduate Admissions website to access the online application. (Current Stanford undergrads only: access the Coterm Online Application here. The deadline for coterm applications is December 1, 2023)

Applicants must meet the University admission requirements, have a working knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese at the university third-year level, and have experience working, living, or studying in Latin America or Iberia prior to admission.

CLAS takes a broad approach to evaluating applications for admission. As important as grades are the applicant's essay, letters of recommendation, and the experiences and goals conveyed through the statement of purpose and curriculum vitae. CLAS takes a broad approach to evaluating applications for admission. As important as grades are the applicant's essay, letters of recommendation, and the experiences and goals conveyed through the statement of purpose and curriculum vitae. The Center for Latin American Studies welcomes graduate applications from individuals with a broad range of life experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds who would contribute to our community of scholars. Review of applications is holistic and individualized, considering each applicant’s academic record and accomplishments, letters of recommendation, and admissions essays in order to understand how an applicant’s life experiences have shaped their past and potential contributions to their field.

The Center for Latin American Studies recognizes that the Supreme Court issued a ruling in June 2023 about the consideration of certain types of demographic information as part of an admission review. All applications submitted during upcoming application cycles will be reviewed in conformance with that decision.

Required Supplementary Materials

1) Statement of Purpose: No more than 500 words double-spaced. The Statement of Purpose should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the Latin American Studies Coterminal program at Stanford, your preparation for this field of study, research interests, future career plans, and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study.

2) Resumé or curriculum vitae

3) Academic writing sample in English: 2,500 - 3,750 words double-spaced. The sample should be an academic essay (i.e. a final term paper, a chapter from an undergraduate thesis, undergraduate capstone paper, a paper submitted for publishing, etc.) and the content does not need to be related to Latin America. The writing sample must be in English. Applicants who no longer have access to materials from their undergraduate career, will need to write one that meets the application requirement.

4) Three letters of recommendation. CLAS strongly recommends that at least two of the letters of recommendation be from former or current professors who can speak about your academic strengths. CLAS also recommends that at least one letter from a professor in your major. However, letters from professional contacts will also be considered.

5) Co-term applicants should submit unofficial Stanford transcripts - please do not request an official paper transcript from the Registrar's Office

Stanford does not accept paper supplementary materials. Applicants are expected to upload scanned copies of all their materials, including unofficial copies of transcripts, to their online application (click here for more details).

Please do not contact us to inquire about your application status. We will contact you if any part of the application is incomplete. Admissions decisions are sent out each year in March.

GRE Test Scores

The GRE general test scores are optional.

Coterm Course Transfer

After accepting admission to a master's degree program, coterminal students may request the transfer of Stanford courses between the undergraduate and graduate careers. Transfer of courses between the undergraduate and graduate careers requires review and approval by both the undergraduate and graduate departments. The Coterminal Course Transfer Form  form is used to move a course from one career to another (for example, undergraduate to graduate career). Courses cannot be transferred once the undergraduate degree is conferred. All course transfer requests must be submitted to the Student Services Center no later than the Late Application to Graduate Deadline of the intended bachelor’s degree conferral quarter.

Individual programs have the discretion to set their own policy regarding course transfer for their coterminal master's students, provided that no student counts a course taken earlier than the first quarter of sophomore year. The program's policy is stated in the relevant department or program section of the Bulletin.

Coterm Students

  • Coterminal students are permitted to count course work taken in the three quarters immediately prior to their first graduate quarter toward their graduate degree

  • Summer Quarter or a term on an approved leave of absence are not included in the three quarter back count

  • CLAS only accepts applications (coterm or external) in the Autumn Quarter.

For further information: 

Contact CLAS Academic and Student Services at latinamerica [at] (subject: MA%20application%20inquiry) (latinamerica[at]stanford[dot]edu)