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Co-Sponsor an Event with CLAS

Co-Sponsored Activities

Over the years, CLAS has co-sponsored conferences, performances, and events spearheaded by other departments and institutions both on- and off-campus. We are pleased to provide financial or administrative support for a limited number of activities each year. Stanford faculty, student organizations, and departments seeking support from CLAS should be aware of our co-sponsorship guidelines.

Co-Sponsorship Requests

The Center for Latin American Studies is happy to consider providing co-sponsorship in the way of funding and/or the use of the CLAS Seminar Room to non-CLAS groups hosting events with a Latin American focus.

CLAS requires that a written proposal including a budget (if applicable) be submitted here.  A separate proposal must be presented for each event or activity. Please include the following in each proposal:

  1. Type of Event
  2. Title
  3. Proposed date and time
  4. Description
  5. Budget and amount requested (if applicable)
  6. CV or mini-bio of speaker
  7. Letter of recommendation from a Stanford faculty sponsor (Not applicable for faculty proposals).

Apply Here

Any co-sponsorship funding request must be proposed to CLAS at least four weeks in advance of the event in order to ensure that CLAS has enough time to review the request and process the transfer of funds.

Any co-sponsorship request that does not involve funding must be proposed to CLAS at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Groups receiving funding from CLAS must include the Center's name or logo as a co-sponsor on all written or electronic publicity distributed in advance of the event.

Use of Bolivar House

Use of Bolivar House during the AY 2023-24 is limited.  Please include if you have a space for your event or would like to request the use of our conference room in your proposal.

Publicity for Events

CLAS email updates are distributed each Monday during the academic year. Therefore, information about events must be submitted to the CLAS Events and Communications Officer two weeks prior to the event date.

Proposed Speakers for Weekly Lecture Series

Groups wishing to propose speakers for CLAS's weekly lecture series are welcome to do so. Proposals must be made in the quarter preceding the proposed lecture date.

Co-Sponsor Responsibilities

Each event lead sponsor is responsible for the following event logistics:

  1. Creating publicity materials: flyer and ad submission to the Stanford Events Calendar (mentioning CLAS as a co-sponsor).  Information about events must be submitted to CLAS Events and Communications Officer  (clasevents [at] (subject: Co-sponsored%20event%20request) (clasevents[at]stanford[dot]edu) )at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Tracking of RSVPs if lead sponsor chooses to track reservations. 
  3. Setting up and cleaning up Bolívar House Seminar room, if event is hosted at CLAS. 
  4. Submit a brief report with photos that CLAS may use for publicity and reporting purposes, within 30 days after the event took place and no later than May 26th, whichever is first.

CLAS policies may be waived only under special circumstances and only at the discretion of the CLAS Director or Associate Director.

The Center for Latin American Studies promotes the expression of a diversity of views and opinions to ensure open academic discussion. However, it is within the discretion of the Director to ensure that the Center's activities are in keeping with the founding grant of the University, that mandates the promotion of "public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity" teaching "the great principles of government as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The university code of conduct clearly states the imperative of "treating each community member fairly and with respect", preventing any form of harassment. Thus the Center will not endorse activities involving any form of racism and/or bigotry.