Advisor: Héctor Hoyos

Class of 2022

Julian Acevedo was born in Medellín, Colombia but raised in Southern New Jersey. He graduated with honors from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in 2021 with a double major in English and History and a minor in Latino and Caribbean Studies. Having spent time living in both the United States and Colombia, Julian’s research interests have been shaped by his experience of attending school in both countries, and more importantly experiencing two different ways of teaching historical knowledge. As an undergraduate Julian developed an interest in studying 20th century Latin American history...

Advisor: José David Saldivar

Class of 2022

Claudia Bobadilla was born in Yuma, Arizona and raised in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico and San Diego, California. Claudia majored in International Relations and minored in Modern Languages and Data Science at Stanford University. 

During her undergraduate years, Claudia worked in number of research projects both inside and outside of the university. She currently works for the Center on Poverty and Inequality's American Voices Project and a Stanford Med and Stanford Law School research study on the health conditions of people working and living in California jails. Over the next year, Claudia hopes to explore themes that emerge...

Advisor: Beatriz Magaloni

Class of 2022

Isabella was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After graduating from a German school, she moved to Berlin with a full-scholarship to pursue her BA in Political Science and Sociology at the Humboldt-University Berlin. Isabella recently earned her B.A. on a thesis called “Electoral Rules and Conditional Cash Transfers: Evidence from Local Governments in Brazil”. Based on a unique policy introduced in Brazil, assigning municipalities to either single- or two-round electoral systems according to a registered voters threshold, Isabella used a regression discontinuity design to estimate the effect of electoral rules on the...

ADVISOR: Jonathan Rosa

Class of 2021

María Cristina was born and raised in Guatemala City to a Guatemalan mother and a Cuban father. After spending a year between high school and college to give classes to Q’eqchi’ girls in Petén, Guatemala, she started the Anthropology program at la Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. After her first year of college, she had to flee the country with her family due to threats against her mother who denounced a case of corruption.
María Cristina continued her education at the night school of Boston College where she got a BA in...

Advisors: Harold Trinkunas and Alberto Díaz-Cayeros

Class of 2022

Sean Gallagher was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Stanford University in 2021 with a degree in International Relations and minors in Human Rights and Modern Languages. His coursework covered international security, computer science, and transitional justice. His capstone project focused on the ways that science fiction can be used to challenge and clarify the concept of genocide. 

As an M.A. student at CLAS, Sean plans to combine his undergraduate studies in disinformation and genocide to examine the role that information flows have played in genocide in Latin...

Advisor: Mikael Wolfe

Class of 2022

Born in a small town in southeastern China and raised in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province, Yangran has witnessed and experienced the steady economic growth and the urban-rural divide that still exists in this country. In 2020, Yangran graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature. He also double majored in Economics and traveled to Spain to study philology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid via an exchange program.

During his undergraduate study, a series of small projects related to Latin American Literature ignited Yangran’s desire to learn...

Advisors: Julia Novy and Saumitra Jha

Class of 2022

Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, Holly graduated from Kings College London in 2019 with First Class Honors in Spanish and French, with a focus on Latin America. She spent a year studying at UNAM in Mexico City, and during this time took classes in Nahuatl. Her research focused on the revitalization of Indigenous languages in Oaxaca and how technology can be a tool of empowerment for Indigenous communities.

During her time at Kings, Holly worked as a seminar coordinator for Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) where she collaboratively organised...

Advisor: Zephyr Frank

Class of 2022

Natasha's childhood was divided between the neighborhood blocks of St. Louis and the busy streets of New Delhi. The intersectionality of her identities as a Jewish-American and Indian woman has offered her different lenses to painfully view the same scenario of persecution time and time again. As she’s grown, Natasha has set her sights from the pavement of her childhood to the larger global landscape. She’s worked in unionizing undocumented Latinx childcare providers with an internship at Harvard University, engaging in grassroots organizing for custodial staff working minimum wage jobs in the St. Louis...

ADVISOR: Alberto Díaz-Cayeros

Class of 2021

Born in metropolitan Monterrey, México, and raised in rural Denmark, contrasts and comparisons have always shaped Kim’s personal and academic paths. He earned his B.A. in Political Science in 2020 from the University of Copenhagen with studies abroad in both the US and the UK. Kim earned his B.A. on a thesis titled ‘Farewell Trust? Insights from a Natural Experiment’. The thesis investigates the effects of a real-world corruption scandal on Danish citizen’s levels of institutional trust.

Governance and anti-corruption have not only been at the center of Kim’s academic work but also...

ADVISOR: Asad L. Asad

Class of 2021

María Fernanda was born and raised in an indigenous community in the isthmus of Oaxaca until her family migrated to rural Texas in 2006. She earned her BA in Psychology at Stanford University in 2020 and has focused her research on indigenous teacher protests in Oaxaca, Mexico, exploring the relationship between systemic education and indigenous cultures in Mexico. At Stanford, she followed her interest in English Language Learning by teaching and mentoring immigrant, low-income students in California, relying on her academic background and her personal experience.

María Fernanda is passionate about immigrant...

Advisor: Tomás Jiménez

Class of 2022

Alberto Mora was born and raised in Redwood City, California as a child of Mexican Immigrants. Alberto completed his undergraduate degree at California State University, East Bay majoring in History with a Latin American History emphasis and a minor in Chicano Studies. For his capstone course, he focused on the 1968 - 1969 student strikes at San Francisco State University, where he highlighted the dissension of the school’s faculty and administration that ultimately aided the Black Student Union and Third World Liberation Front’s demands in providing more inclusive and culturally relevant courses and resources...

Advisor: Paula Moya

Class of 2022

Eliza Moreno was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to a mother from Mazatlán, Mexico and to a father from Santa Ana, El Salvador. She earned her B.A. in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies with a minor in Global Health in 2018 from Duke University. Her strong interests in social impact and equitable change have not only guided her academically, but also professionally.  Upon graduating from Duke, Eliza has worked at various mission-driven organizations, such as the ACLU in the education sector and at M+R as a marketing consultant for nonprofits whose work...

ADVISOR: Nicole Hughes

Class of 2021

Iris Osorio-Villatoro was born and raised in southern California as a child of Salvadoran immigrants. She completed her undergraduate career at Stanford University with a major in Urban Studies and two minors in Psychology and Translation Studies. For her capstone project, she focused on analyzing women’s activism during the Salvadoran Civil War, attempting to highlight both the importance of testimonios as a way of understanding Latin American history and the role gender played in this context. Iris is passionate about immigrants’ rights, and has volunteered with multiple nonprofits that work to help provide translation services for...

ADVISOR: Héctor Hoyos

Class of 2021

Hannah hails from occupied Piscataway land (Rockville, MD). She graduated from Stanford University in 2020 with a degree in International Relations and a minor in Human Rights. Her coursework and praxis focused on grassroots resistance to government-perpetrated human rights abuses. In particular, Hannah studies the historical and current damage of US imperial colonialism in Latin America, in recognition of her positionality as a white estadounidense.

Though messy, she hopes to work alongside local activists facing threat from US entities. Her journey of learned allyship has brought her as far as the Villa Grimaldi museum...

Advisor: Jonathan Rosa

Class of 2022

Shannen Torres was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and received their B.A. from Stanford University in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CSRE) with a concentration in Identity, Diversity and Aesthetics. As a Dominican-American, they’re interested in Black Dominican abolitionism and reconciliation with Black Haitians, and how these are both integral to the alternative and embodied archival practices of Dominicans and Haitians. They explored these interests in their undergraduate thesis, “Radical Inheritance: A Counter-Archive on Black Dominican and Black Haitian Legacies of Collaborative Freedom Fighting.”

At Stanford, there were a fellow...

Advisor: Guillermo Solano-Flores

Class of 2022

While Harvey was born and raised outside of Boston, he lived the first four years of his life in Shanghai, China. There, he acquired his first language: Shanghainese, a regional variety of Chinese. This experience would later develop into an interest in linguistics and linguistic diversity, especially regarding regional, minority, and indigenous languages. He graduated from UCLA in 2020, where he double majored in Physics and Linguistics. Studying at UCLA gave him the opportunity to learn Nahuatl and Quechua. And he used his free time learning other languages, like Kiche and Garifuna, even going as...