Pessoa-Trejos Internship Grants

Pessoa-Trejos Awards of up to $7,000 each are available to Stanford undergraduate students interested in completing an independent internship in Brazil. First-generation college students and students with demonstrated financial need are strongly encourage to apply.


  • Preference is given to students whose minor is in Global Studies with a concentration in Latin America and to students who have previously enrolled in at least one Latin American Studies content course. Lower priority to students with no prior Latin American content coursework.
  • First-generation college students and students with demonstrated financial need are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Stanford strongly recommends the Covid-19 vaccinations for students. Policies regarding travel (domestic or international) and international internships will be updated as University policies evolve. Visit International Affairs Health Advisories for the most current travel guidance and restrictions for international travel.
  • Travel Reservations : All interns are strongly encouraged to utilize Stanford Travel, a centralized booking program, when booking airfare, hotels, or rental cars for their internship experiences.
  • Students must be undergraduates in good standing at Stanford with well-defined internship proposals with an organization in Latin America.
  • Students are eligible to receive funding only if they will be enrolling as undergraduates (preferred) or co-terminal students at Stanford campus for at least one quarter after returning from abroad.
  • Internships duration must be at least eight weeks.
  • Preference will be given to proposals for internships arranged independently and directly with a foreign-based organization, rather than through a large international internship company.
  • Students on LOA will not be eligible.
  • International students must consult with Bechtel about interning in the U.S. or traveling out of the U.S. in the summer.
  • To be eligible for a stipend, students must maintain health insurance for the duration of their internship.
  • Violations of Global Studies Internship Program policies are also violations of the Fundamental Standard and may be referred to the Office of Community Standards. Students who fail to abide by the policies set forth by the Global Studies Internship Program, Stanford Global Studies, and Stanford University will have low priority or no longer be eligible for future Stanford Global Studies funding opportunities and programs. The Global Studies Internship Program reserves the right to rescind funding at

Language Prerequisite

Working knowledge of Portuguese is required.

Application Process

Please read the complete Requirements and Application Process here.

Application deadline: February 5, 2024

Please contact us at clasevents [at] (subject: Summer%20Internship%20Grants%20Program) (clasevents[at]stanford[dot]edu) with further questions.

Note: This funding is not for independent research projects. For a project that is strictly research-oriented and does not involve meeting the needs of an organization or business in Latin America, students are encouraged to apply for funding through Undergraduate Research Programs.

Grant Reporting Responsibilities

The grant recipient must attend an orientation meeting before traveling abroad, complete a short report (2-3 pages) midway through their experience abroad, complete a final narrative and financial report (5-7 pages) upon returning to the United States. Awardees are expected to participate in a public presentation regarding their internship.

Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee of faculty members affiliated with the Center for Latin American Studies.

Summer Internship Symposium

Carlos Escobar and Jessica Magalon (Undergraduate Symposium) from Stanford CLAS on Vimeo.

This program is partially funded by the Pessoa-Trejos Undergraduate Internship in Brazil Fund, Stanford Global Studies Internship Fund,  Haas Center's Cardinal Course Fellowship, and generous donations of CLAS' individual supporters.


Past Experiences

Isabel Calero Folero, Pessoa-Trejos Internship Grantee 2020-21 

"All in all, I am very grateful for this internship because I learned so much, not only about the topic of research I worked on, but also about how research can transform public policy.

Additionally, I gained a lot of confidence both in my research, and Portuguese skills, as well as in my professional goals."