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Your Gift Matters

Support from CLAS Alumni and friends helps ensure our continued leadership in the field of Latin American Studies, and will enhance genuine understanding of the languages, literatures, histories, cultures, politics, and rich biodiversity and natural resources of Latin America. Your donation will support general operations and programs at the Center for Latin American Studies, or may be designated to support specific projects such as faculty and student research; the M.A. degree program in Latin American Studies; overseas study fellowships; or conferences, workshops, and public lectures.

Make a Gift

Gift contributions can be made online using the link below or mailed to the CLAS office. Checks should be made payable to “Stanford University.”

Support CLAS

For assistance or more information, please contact:

Alberto Díaz-Cayeros, Director
Center for Latin American Studies
Stanford University
582 Alvarado Row
Stanford, CA 94305
Email: clasdirector [at] (subject: I%20would%20like%20to%20support%20CLAS) (clasdirector[at]stanford[dot]edu)