Hannah Smith

FLAS Fellow
2020 - 2021

ADVISOR: Héctor Hoyos

Class of 2021

Hannah hails from occupied Piscataway land (Rockville, MD). She graduated from Stanford University in 2020 with a degree in International Relations and a minor in Human Rights. Her coursework and praxis focused on grassroots resistance to government-perpetrated human rights abuses. In particular, Hannah studies the historical and current damage of US imperial colonialism in Latin America, in recognition of her positionality as a white estadounidense.

Though messy, she hopes to work alongside local activists facing threat from US entities. Her journey of learned allyship has brought her as far as the Villa Grimaldi museum and peace park in Santiago, Chile where she translated testimonies of Operation Condor torture victims and the Movimiento de Víctimas de Crímenes del Estado in Bogotá, Colombia where she prepared a submission to the truth commission. It has also brought her closer to home. With Students for Workers Rights right here at Stanford, she continually pushes the Stanford administration to improve labor conditions for service workers. For the past two years Hannah also wrote alongside SLS students to continue border-related immigration work she started in Tijuana.

As an M.A. student, Hannah is hoping to continue decolonizing her knowledge base and advocacy, especially through exploration of indigenous models of resistance. In her free time, Hannah loves hiking, cooking, baking bread, and reading narrative fiction.