Claudia Bobadilla

FLAS Fellow
2021 - 2022

Advisor: José David Saldivar

Class of 2022

Claudia Bobadilla was born in Yuma, Arizona and raised in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico and San Diego, California. Claudia majored in International Relations and minored in Modern Languages and Data Science at Stanford University. 

During her undergraduate years, Claudia worked in number of research projects both inside and outside of the university. She currently works for the Center on Poverty and Inequality's American Voices Project and a Stanford Med and Stanford Law School research study on the health conditions of people working and living in California jails. Over the next year, Claudia hopes to explore themes that emerge among Spanish-speaking participants in both research projects. Claudia is also a Language Conversation Partner at Stanford's Center for Teaching and Learning helping students develop their conversational skills in Spanish, Portuguese or French. In addition to these languages, Claudia is continuing her studies in Nahuatl with support from the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship. She hopes to be a life-long language learner. 

As a graduate student, Claudia hopes to further explore the academic interests she developed as an undergraduate student. In addition to core curriculum in Latin American Studies, she hopes to enroll in courses on the intersection of computer science and linguistics with hopes to apply these tools to the languages she's been learning over the past few years. Having lived in proximity for most of her life, Claudia also hopes to continue studying the literature and politics of the US-Mexico Border.