Cuba en el siglo XXI

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Center for Latin American Studies, CDDRL, FSI Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force
Cuba en el siglo XXI

Join us for a conversation on Cuba led by scholars and professionals within and outside Cuba who will discuss contemporary Cuba from a variety of perspectives. Going beyond the media headlines and coverage of the July 11th protest, the panelists will discuss Cuba from a longer term perspective primarily focused on the early 21st century and considering US-Cuban relations, Cuba in the US media, freedom of academic, literary, and artistic expression in Cuba, as well as other relevant topics concerning Cuba’s present and future. This event made possible through the generosity of the Tinker Foundation.

Speakers: Ernesto Domínguez , Darsi Fernández, Sachie Hernández, and Mikael Wolfe. 

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Note: Please feel free to send your questions in the comments section on the Youtube page and we will read them to the panelists.