Maria Fernanda López Rosas

FLAS Fellow
2020 - 2021

ADVISOR: Asad L. Asad

Class of 2021

María Fernanda was born and raised in an indigenous community in the isthmus of Oaxaca until her family migrated to rural Texas in 2006. She earned her BA in Psychology at Stanford University in 2020 and has focused her research on indigenous teacher protests in Oaxaca, Mexico, exploring the relationship between systemic education and indigenous cultures in Mexico. At Stanford, she followed her interest in English Language Learning by teaching and mentoring immigrant, low-income students in California, relying on her academic background and her personal experience.

María Fernanda is passionate about immigrant student’s access to education and has worked for multiple nonprofits that focus on first generation, low-income and immigrant students throughout her undergraduate career. She hopes to continue her research in indigenous education reforms in Oaxaca, to master the Portuguese language, and to continue learning how indigenous cultures in Latin America can thrive while participating in systemic education.

Ultimately, María Fernanda plans to combine her interests in education, first-generation, low-income students, and Latin America to further advocate for indigenous access to equitable education.