Julian Acevedo

FLAS Fellow
2021 - 2022

Advisor: Héctor Hoyos

Class of 2022

Julian Acevedo was born in Medellín, Colombia but raised in Southern New Jersey. He graduated with honors from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in 2021 with a double major in English and History and a minor in Latino and Caribbean Studies. Having spent time living in both the United States and Colombia, Julian’s research interests have been shaped by his experience of attending school in both countries, and more importantly experiencing two different ways of teaching historical knowledge. As an undergraduate Julian developed an interest in studying 20th century Latin American history, with a particular focus on the intersection of Catholicism, political turmoil, and social and cultural transformations.  While at Rutgers, Julian developed various research projects ranging from the study of the first Cristero Rebellion in Mexico to a study of the First López Pumarejo administration in Colombia.

While at Stanford, Julian hopes to continue developing his historical knowledge of 20th century Latin American history. However, Julian hopes to transition his research focus from studying a single nation to studying the transnational connections of Latin America within the realm of Catholicism, political turmoil, and social and cultural transformations. Every country has its own history and events that have shaped their reality. However, History does not exist in a bubble and as such Julian hopes to develop a better understanding of the moments in which an event in one country results in a change or reaction within another country.

Outside of the classroom Julian is an avid reader of manga, fantasy, and historical fiction. When not studying Julian enjoys learning new information about other countries, exploring local hidden gems, and trying to further develop his burgeoning hobby in photography.