Eliza Moreno

Soares Fellow
FLAS Fellow
2021 - 2022

Advisor: Paula Moya

Class of 2022

Eliza Moreno was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to a mother from Mazatlán, Mexico and to a father from Santa Ana, El Salvador. She earned her B.A. in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies with a minor in Global Health in 2018 from Duke University. Her strong interests in social impact and equitable change have not only guided her academically, but also professionally.  Upon graduating from Duke, Eliza has worked at various mission-driven organizations, such as the ACLU in the education sector and at M+R as a marketing consultant for nonprofits whose work varied from tackling over-incarceration in America to fighting climate change and defending healthy air and water. 

During her time at Stanford, Eliza plans on interrogating transnational feminism, specifically imagining a third world feminist future through a Latin American lens. She will explore how identity categories are spatially enacted and scrutinize the intersections of environmental, racial and gender influences on the Latinx body. Reading about the experiences of Latina women with geographics split between the United States and their third world ancestry has led to her plans in exploring the resistance found in Latina women across generations. Eliza is also looking forward to walking through the Portola Redwoods State Park and cycling across campus when in Palo Alto.