Eliane Dos Santos Cavalleiro


Eliane Cavalleiro holds a PhD in Education, having acquired her Master’s degree in 1988 and her Doctoral degree in 2003 through the School of Education of the University of Sao Paulo – USP.  She served as the executive coordinator of the NGO Geledés – Institute of Black Woman (2000-2004), and also worked as a UNESCO consultant – Regional Education Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean/OREALC.  She worked as the General Coordinator of Diversity and Educational Inclusion, in the Secretariat of Continuing Education, Literacy and Diversity of the Ministry of Education – MEC (2004- 2006).  Dr. Cavalleiro has an extensive number of publications: From the Silence of the Household to the Silence of the School: racism, prejudice, and discrimination on children’s education, Context, 2000; Racism and anti-racism in education: rethinking our school, Selo Negro/Summus, 2001 and Endless Nights’ Paths: socialization and racial belonging in successive generations of black families, UNB Publisher, 2013. Before moving to USA, she was a faculty member at the School of Education and a tutor of the Tutorial Education Program of the University of Brasilia – UNB (2006-2010). She is the former President of the Brazilian Association of Black Researchers (2008-2010).