Claudia Nunes Duarte dos Santos

Tinker Visiting Professor

Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Biology (1982), MSc. in Genetics (1987) and PhD. in Molecular Virology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1994). Post-doctorate degree from the Pasteur Institute in Paris (1995) and sabbatical professorship at Rockefeller University (2018). Claudia is currently a senior researcher at Carlos Chagas Institute (ICC-FIOCRUZ/PR), as well as the Coordinator of the Molecular Virology Laboratory (ViroMol-FIOCRUZ/PR). Her main lines of investigation are focused on interactions between flavivirus/alphavirus/robovirus and host cells, aimed at elucidating diverse aspects of viral morphogenesis and pathogenesis. Claudia also coordinates the Emerging Viruses Reference Laboratory (LRV-FIOCRUZ/PR), designated by the Ministry of Health as responsible for diagnosis and characterization of emerging viruses of interest in human, animal and vector samples. ViroMol also performs research and development on new reagents, such as recombinant antigens and monoclonal antibodies, and diagnostic platforms for the identification of novel viruses. She also conducts research into the identification/repurposing of new/existing drugs and molecules in an effort to inhibit emerging viral infections. ViroMol also investigates the activity of viral proteins, and uses reverse genetics to study viral morphogenesis and develop vaccine platforms.