Tinker Chronicles Podcast: Tinker Graduate Field Research Grant on Climate and the Environment

The Tinker Field Research Collaborative has just released its first podcast on Tinker Graduate Field Research Grants (TGFR) and past grantees' research on climate and the environment. 

As one of the universities in the Tinker Field Research Collaborative, created by the Tinker Foundation, Stanford's Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), has administered TGFR since 2018. 

The collaborative is developing a series of podcasts, called Tinker Chronicles, aiming to highlight the research conducted by former TGFR awardees.  

Listen to the first podcast on Climate and Environment  here. The podcast features Arjuna Dibley, a past Stanford CLAS alum and recipient of the TGFR. 

The next podcasts in the series will be on language preservation, gender and politics, and Afro-Latinamerican and Indigenous Peoples perspectives. 

To find out more about the Tinker Graduate Field Research Grants, visit our funding page here