Center for Latin American Studies announces Stanford-Tinker faculty funding recipients, 2021

Through the generous support of the Tinker Foundation, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Stanford University is pleased to announce the recipients of three recently established funds.  

Stanford-Tinker Faculty Research Fund

Stanford Tinker Seed Fund

Stanford-Tinker Emergency Fund

These funds aim to enhance Stanford faculty scholarship and student engagement and to continue contributing to the generation of knowledge and learning about Latin America. 


Stanford-Tinker Faculty Research Fund

Rodolfo Dirzo

Project Title: The Emerging Challenges of Land Use Change in Latin America

Nicole Hughes

Project Title: Stages of History: New World Spectacles and the Theater of the


Beatriz Magaloni

Project Title: Bringing an Innovative Brazilian Youth Agency Program to Mexico


Stanford Tinker Seed Fund 

Zephyr Frank 

Project Title: Urban growth, informal housing and the production of inequality in Latin


Saad Gulzar

Project Title: Do Conditional Cash Transfers Affect Who Runs for Office?

Catherine A. Heaney and Gabriel García 

Project Title: Sustainable access to water and the well-being of residents of San Nicolás

Yaxe, a rural community in Oaxaca, Mexico

Stanford-Tinker Emergency Fund

Alberto Díaz-Cayeros

Project  Title: Crowdsourcing statistical models and forecasting
social and political determinants of COVID-19 mortality in Mexico and Latin America

Judith Frydman

Project Title:  Mechanisms and Regulation of Protein Biogenesis in the Cell

Beatriz Magaloni

Project Title: Ongoing research and instructional and outreach activities on criminal governance and citizen trust