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The Net from the Perspective of Fish...

November 1, 2019 - 12:30pm to 1:20pm
Bolivar House, 582 Alvarado Row, Stanford, CA


The Net from the Perspective of Fish: João Guimarães Rosa, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Ailton Krenak, Carolina Caycedo, Jaider Esbell, Gustavo Caboco, Jarid Arraes, Beatriz Azevedo, and Clarice Lispector

In this talk, Prof. Marília Librandi present her new research focused on the material and metaphorical images of nets, nests and webs: a collage of texts, images and sounds created to weave a collective hammock of netrelations. In times when the forest burns, Librandi suggests to think about abolitionism, and modes of escapes through the interstices in between threads. Rosa’s aphorism, Kopenawa’s “radio-hammocks”, Krenak’s colorful parachutes, Caycedo’s art nets, Esbell’s art of fugue, Caboco’s trees, Azevedo’s “a.g.o.r.a,” Arraes’ A Hole with my Name, and Lispector uses of words as a bait to capture not the thing-in-itself, but its echoes and resonances.

Marília Librandi is Visiting Asssistant Professor at the Deparment of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University, affiliated with the Graduate Research Program “Diversitas”, at University of São Paulo, and the BrazilLab initiative at Princeton. Author of Writing by Ear. Clarice Lispector and the Aural Novel (UTP, 2018), and Maranhão-Manhattan. Ensaios de Literatura Brasileira (7Letras, 2009).

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Center for Latin American Studies
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