Mandates, Massacres, and Migration: The Politicization of Transitional Justice in Central America

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Center for Latin American Studies, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC)
Mandates, Massacres, and Migration: The Politicization of Transitional Justice in Central America

Contemporary Central America represents a "worst case" of electoral authoritarian regimes and endless state-sponsored violence. This moment of "transition" reflects a continuous vicious cycle between constant and increased militarization and gang violence, linked through criminal activities, as well as acute climate change.  This ongoing vicious cycle occurs despite "democratic openings" "peace agreements (Guatemala and El Salvador), and so-called democracy promotion from the U.S. -- leading to even greater out-migration than during the wars of the 1980s.  This talk draws on the author's testimony as an expert witness as well as interviews with both perpetrators of violence and victims conducted in El Salvador.

Terry Lynn Karl earned her Ph.D. (with distinction) from Stanford University. After serving on the faculty in the Government Department of Harvard University, she joined Stanford University’s Department of Political Science in 1987. She served as director of the Center for Latin American Studies for twelve years when it was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a “center of excellence.” She currently works as a war crimes/human rights investigator/ expert witness for several judicial systems: the U.S. (Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security/War Crimes Division), Spain, El Salvador, Colombia and elsewhere, and she works pro bono for a number of non-governmental organizations.

An academic expert in international and comparative politics, Karl has conducted field research, held visiting appointments or led workshops on oil politics and extractive resources, democratization and/or human rights throughout Latin America, West Africa, the Middle East and Europe. She has published widely, with special emphasis on the politics of oil-exporting countries and conflict, transitions from authoritarian rule, problems of democratization, South American and Central America politics, the politics of inequality, U.S. foreign policy, and the resolution of civil wars. A multilingual scholar, her work has been translated into at least 25 languages. Her main areas of work are: Crimes Against Humanity, Transitional Justice and Human Right, Transitions from Authoritarian Rule and/or Democracy, and Latin American Politics and the U.S.

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