From Afghanistan to Apatzingán:Comparing Counter-insurgency & Counter-crime Militias in AFGH & MEX

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Center for Latin American Studies
From Afghanistan to Apatzingán:Comparing counter-insurgency & counter-crime militias in AFGH & MEX

Are there similarities between counter-insurgency militias in Afghanistan and counter-crime vigilante groups in Mexico? Can they be compared at all? Based on the initial results of a cooperation project between Stanford University and the University of Osnabrück in Germany, the talk will compare these two, seemingly very different non-state (but also non-counter-state) armed groups from the perspective of local social embedding and state regulation and speculate about their potential to offer meaningful security to the populations where they are active. 

Dr. Kristof Gosztonyi is research staff at the University of Osnabrück in Germany and participates in the “Determinants and Consequences of Militia Performance” project. In addition to this academic work, he also provides regular policy advice and consulting to development organisations and international development agencies (e.g. GIZ, KfW, ICRC, AKF) in the field of sub-national governance and local level security governance. Kristóf has since 2003 continuously conducted research in Afghanistan and since 2011 in Mexico (together Beatriz Magaloni).

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