Requirements for the Global Studies Minor with Specialization in Latin American Studies include:

Completion of 28 units as follows:

  • 3-unit Global Studies course:  GLOBAL 101, Critical Issues in Global Affairs.

  • A 5-unit course surveying Latin America: either ILAC 131, Introduction to Latin America: Cultural Perspectives, or an approved substitute.

  • 20 additional units in a number of courses which together comprise a coherent focus on a theoretical problem or issue of the region, such as (but not limited to) culture and identity, political economy, or sustainable development. All courses, with the exception of Overseas Studies courses, must be at the 100-level or higher. For approved courses, see the Latin American Studies Related Courses section of the Stanford Bulletin.

  • At least 15 of the 28 units must be completed at Stanford.

Fulfill the foreign language requirement:

The minimum requirement for completion of the Minor in Latin American Studies is advanced proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese by any one of the following means:

  • Completion of seven quarters of college-level study of Spanish or Portuguese.

  • Completion of a course taught in Spanish or Portuguese at the 100-level or higher, with a letter grade of ‘B’ (3.0) or higher. This may be a course on Spanish or Portuguese language or literature, or some other subject, as long as it fulfills the above criteria.

  • Achievement of the advanced proficiency level on the ACTFL scale in a test administered by the Stanford Language Center. Contact the Language Center for test dates and procedures.


Experience in Latin America such as study abroad, field research, or an internship.

Global Studies Minor with Specialization in Latin American Studies Course Form:

All course enrollments must be designated towards the major or minor programs. By informing the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) which courses are intended to satisfy the Global Studies with concentration in Latin American Studies (GS-LAS) minor, the student allows CLAS to accurately monitor progress toward the minimum requirements for the GS-LAS minor. 

Students should file this form (see attachment below) at least two quarters before their intended graduation, and not later than the Final Study List deadline:

Capstone Presentation:

Stanford Global Studies organizes a Capstone Seminar in early- to mid-May where each Global Studies minor student completing a capstone (paper, experience abroad, etc.) is expected to present. SGS or CLAS reach out to students in early winter quarter with detailed information.

Upon completion of all requirements, the CLAS subcommittee on undergraduate programs authorizes the designation of the Global Studies Minor, specialization in Latin American Studies on the student's transcript.