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LATINAM 248: Racial and Gender Inequalities in Latin America

Eliane Cavalleiro

This course explores the intersection between racial and gender inequalities in Latin America focusing on the historical pattern of racism, sexism and discrimination, and on the political and social changes that have enabled Afro-descendants and women to achieve social rights in some countries of the region such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. The first part of this course introduces the struggle of political movements taking into consideration the historical process of race and gender discrimination. It will address not only the history of blacks and women's movements in the 20th century, but also racism and sexism as cultural and institutional elements that configure inequality in those countries. Socio-economic indicators, race and gender-based violence, and political participation will be analyzed. The second part of this course examines the most recent discourses about women and afro-descendant rights, and their political framework. It evaluates how they have changed public opinion, laws and the social, institutional and political environment of Latin America. Finally, this course discusses the ability of Afro-descendants and women movements to navigate in the current political climate and advance their rights. Course will be taught in Portuguese. (3-5 units)

Special Language Courses

Nahuatl: SPECLANG 101A, 101B, 101C: First-Year Nahuatl, Sequence three quarters (A,W,S)

Nahuatl: SPECLANG 102A, 102B, 102C: Second-Year Nahuatl, Sequence three quarters (A,W,S)

Distance-learning courses taught in conjunction with UCLA.

Quechua: SPECLANG 174A, 174B, 174C: First-Year Quechua, Sequence three quarters (A,W,S)

Quechua: SPECLANG 175A, 175B, 175C: Seconde-Year Quechua, Sequence three quarters (A,W, S)

Professor Marisol Necochea

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